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Video Ad Campaign 'Mindset Festival' Online Event

Ad Campaign on Social Media for Online Event 'Mindset Festival'

Video Ad Campaign 'Mindset Festival' Online Event

BRIEFING: To push the numbers of participants for the online 'Mindset Festival' by Sara Egger (mental coach and speaker), my client Sara Egger wished to have a theme of expansion, closely connected to galaxy/ universe images, mixed with the overall feeling of wanting to be part of the 23-day programme to teach the participants how to be able to empower themselves, creating the life they envision.

APPROACH: The consistent overall look of the festival was already established when I started on the ad campaign videos. The client's vision was very clear and concise. The videos should draw people in, make them euphoric to be part of it, giving the vibe of a festival rather than a mental coaching programme of 23 days.

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