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Copy & Design

APPROACH: Zuerst galt es fest zu stellen wie man die Aufmerksamkeit überhaupt erhaschen kann. Und neben dem WIE spielte auch eine grosse Rolle WEN man erreichen will. Das viele Grün, zieht die Blicke automatisch auf sich- es ist frisch, es ist natürlich und es vermittelt ein sofortiges Gefühl unter einem dieser Bäumen zu sitzen, ihn zu erfahren und zu genießen. Da der Flyer an Bauernmärkten und kleineren Veranstaltungen aufgelegt wird, an denen der Fokus auf biologischer Landwirtschaft und bewussten Lebensstilen liegt, bewirkt das frische Grün und die verspieltere Schrift einen Eindruck von Natürlichkeit. 
Neben den Informationen über den Verein und den Tribut zollenden Aussagen von Paten, wurde grosser Wert darauf gelegt die Wichtigkeit hervorzuheben. Es wird an den Menschenverstand appelliert, an die Verantwortung, die wir alle zu tragen haben gegenüber unserer Erde- ein Konzept, das das Klientel anspricht, welches sich engagiert und nach Wegen sucht sich einzubringen. Menschen, in denen der ureigenen Drang inne wohnt Sinnenhaftes beitragen zu wollen. 

Grafikdesign: Remo Moser

Flyer 'Baumpatenschaft Frick' [Spec Work]

Neuauflage Flyer: Vorstellung Verein und Konzept Baumpatenschaft


The logo and slogan 'From Foodies For Foodies' should both capture the eye, enabling trustworthiness right from the start. They are here for their customers, their success equals their success.

The 60% increase serves as the eye-catching argument. To achieve this increase, the only thing that needs to be done is to subscribe. Therefore the primary CTA signup button is positioned on the same level as the benefit gained in doing so. More customers? Here is your chance!

How easy the process is, should be felt by the simple three steps and additionally through the easy phrasing of 'signup', 'set-up' & 'cash in'. You think it is complicated - well, it is not! Dare to dream, increase sales!

To rest assured that this is the next logical and safe step to be taken for every small restaurant owner 'dream big' in addition to '24/7 customer service' and their contact details is issued in the third bottom part of the landing page. Therefore overcoming one's inhibitions is made easy, any additional hesitation is pillowed by the building of trust. If they take that step, there will be someone there for them, all day and every day!

Landin Page 'Door Dash' [Spec Work]

Redirecting potential clients from a Facebook ad to this Landing Page.


The clearest benefit that shouted out to me was the aspect of self-empowerment and being in charge of one's own time. The nouns 'Freedom, Flexibility and Fulfilment' serve as the perfect eye-catcher. People that have read the book and are within the transition of building their own lifestyle will be drawn to this headline as well, since it clearly is what they work towards.
In the circled area all the key attributes are listed to make the benefit of buying the newest edition- be it for the first time or to update on the last one. 
Lastly 'Take the leap, live bold, empower yourself' with the QR Code directly underneath, serve as a sudden impulse to scan and buy- daring to start right now to live the dream.

With my research I felt that the key aspect of Tim Ferris is to give people the tools of self-empowerment. Liberation. Daring to visualise the dream, grasp the opportunity, believe and trust in your own abilities. All of this excitement needed grounding, which is why the picture in back shows a relaxed atmosphere. Time for work but with the benefit of calmness and freedom.

Magazine Ad 'Tim Ferris’ Book - New Edition’ [Spec Work]

Tim Ferris' Book 'The 4-Hour Work Week' || New Edition

APPROACH FRONT: Comprised of the 3 core competences within the firm, this should give an impression of the skillsets that Janerson Real Estate provide for their customer. Not only needed the copy to be concise because of space, it also needed to tackle the main difficulties that could arise from each sector. Main goal was to evoke a feeling of trust and safety within the customer, in addition to a certainty that whatever it is they needed, Janerson Real Estate are the ones that can make it a reality. Janerson is elegant and minimalistic, yet it had to show the vast know-how and exact care of their work ethic.

As a re-branding measure it was important to highlight what the company was made of and how all of these generations are bringing value to the company. The new CEO should not be divided through re-branding, she should be more like the thread that brings all the good with her into a new era of Real Estate. Thus the copy should reflect the deep rooted values of family, company history and personal development. Trust and safety are the spine of every healthy business relationship and need to be genuine to be taken seriously. Laurie Janerson wants to connect with the people, because for her it is all about the people.

Trifold Flyer 'Janerson Real Estate' [Spec Work]

3rd Generation Real Estate Firm Re-Branding Flyer

This was a collaboration with Graphic Designer Gohar Harutyunyan, CA

APPROACH: The consistent overall look of the festival was already established when I started on the ad campaign videos. The client's vision was very clear and concise. The videos should draw people in, make them euphoric to be part of it, giving the vibe of a festival rather than a mental coaching programme of 23 days.

Video Ad Campaign 'Mindset Festival' Online Event

Ad Campaign on Social Media for Online Event 'Mindset Festival'

APPROACH: All questions were provided by the client (mental coach); the activities, copy & design was created by Nadine Almer.

Workbook Designs 'Mindset Festival' Online Event

Copy & Design for the Pre-Workbook, sent as preparation to participants before the actual event started.

Copy & Design for the three week program: Workbook Week 1 'Mind'; Workbook Week 2 'Body'; Workbook Week 3 'Soul'

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